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The perfect Smart Home also incorporates devices that are fitted with an IP interface, networked and able to interact with all analogue devices. As devices with an IP interface already have a suitable communication adapter, they can easily be incorporated into your home’s IP network using a cable or WLAN.

Here’s how to get your native devices to join the digitalSTROM team

‘Virtual device connectors’ (vDC) make sure that your devices can be seamlessly integrated into your digitalSTROM Smart Home. They talk to the devices via their Application Programming Interface (API) and ensure that these devices behave in the same way and act just like analogue devices do in the interaction via  terminals .

The digitalSTROM vDC is to IP devices what the dS terminal is to analogue devices. Your IP devices become true digitalSTROM participants with vDCs, which can be connected to other devices or applications, controlled, incorporated into scenes and configured to your individual requirements by operating them in the usual way.


vDCs are available for devices
from the following manufacturers:

Philips Hue
Siemens Hausgeräte

You can find more information for users and electricians here

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Interlinking other building standards

igitalSTROM gives you the option of incorporating KNX, DALI or EnOcean-based devices and network segments into your Smart Home. This in turn opens up various attractive additional options.

In this case, the vDCs are not necessarily shown on the digitalSTROM Server (dSS), but they are shown on other hardware.

View the technikcal handbook


KNX devices can be managed via a KNZ IP gateway. However, a vDC cannot run on these gateways, so the server dS-S21-GW is added (which is the host for the KNX vDC, amongst other things). KNX buttons and sensors can thus be fully integrated into the Smart Home. The gateway and the server must be connected to the home’s IP network to be incorporated into the digitalSTROM platform.


The DALI/EnOcean/Hue Bridge P44-DSB-DEH2 is connected to the digitalSTROM server via LAN for DALI digitalSTROM integration. Not only can up to 64 dimmable DALI lights be networked with digitalSTROM via a P44-DSB-DEH2 – that’s also true for wireless buttons, EnOcean sensors and actuators, as well as the Phillips Hue series coloured LED lights.


Control points can also be set up in the digitalSTROM network quickly and flexibly with low-energy, wireless EnOcean buttons – even at points where there is no electrical connection available. If DALI integration has not been provided, the dS EnOcean Hue Bridge P44-DSB-E2 offers a cost-effective alternative to the P44-DSB-DEH2 when you are fully incorporating EnOcean buttons, sensors and actuators.

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