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Analogue becomes digital. Complicated becomes easy. And your home becomes a house of unlimited opportunity. How does it work? With the award-winning Smart Home system from digitalSTROM.

Be inspired by our Smart Home system.

The idea of digitalSTROM is very simple: Analogue devices (such as lamps, blinds, shutters and heaters) are digitised with our terminals. As a result, they can be networked with IP devices (such as kitchen appliances or WLAN-based sound systems). A well-orchestrated interaction between all your devices offers you almost unlimited possibilities, countless benefits and maximum flexibility.

Stay flexible with digitalSTROM.

When connecting your devices, we use the two most reliable and future-proof infrastructures in your house for the Smart System: power linesand the IP network. Unlike other Smart Home systems, you do not have to make any structural changes with the digitalSTROM system. You stay flexible and expand your Smart Home system any time you need. This not only gives you the greatest possible flexibility, but is also kind to your budget.

Retrofittable and reliable networking technology

You already have the most important thing you need to use various digitalSTROM applications: your power lines.
This makes retrofitting with digitalSTROM components not only quick and clean, but also smart and cost-effective – as it simply supplements your existing infrastructure.

Easy integration of IP devices

The IP network will play an increasingly important role in the long term for communication within the house. In addition to the existing WLAN, in future, the system will also be available as a wired LAN network in every corner of the house. This not only facilitates the integration of IP devices, but also reliably ensures a high data rate.

Did you know...

... you can have your smart home project funded?

If you convert your home to a digitalSTROM Smart Home, then you can get it funded. Through loans and grants the KfW Bank supports intelligent construction projects and retrofit systems that ensure safety, comfort and energy efficiency. Learn more

...That you can save valuable time with digitalSTROM?

There are lots of small tasks to perform that waste time around the house such as switching each light on and off or raising and lowering each blind. Intelligent networking means these annoying everyday activities can be carried out from a single source. This saves you valuable time.

...that installing digitalSTROM is like having an invisible butler move in with you?

The combination of voice control and a Smart Home from digitalSTROM opens up previously unimagined possibilities. People with disabilities or people who need care can operate equipment and perform activities independently. Speech control becomes a digital assistant in everyday life: an invisible butler that makes your life easier.

...that digitalSTROM works even without an internet connection?

You can use the most important functions of digitalSTROM with or without an internet connection (local). Only services from the digitalSTROM Cloud require an internet connection. These can be services from digitalSTROM or third-party providers.

...that greater security is the most important reason to acquire a Smart Home?

The most important reason for living in a Smart Home, according to a BITKOM study, eis ‘greater security’ in your personal life. 61 percent of Smart Home residents protect their homes with intelligent home technology. DigitalSTROM also offers several safety features. Protect your house.

...that the digitalSTROM Smart Home is the only smart home that is always improving?

Because our system is continuously improving with regular updates, a property equipped with digitalSTROM will not only be sustainable in the long term, but will also significantly gain in value.

Harmonious interaction of analogue and digital worlds

Interaction between analogue and digital devices is achieved through impressive and award-winning digitalSTROM orchestration. This creates countless possibilities in your Smart Home.

Learn more about the interaction and an easy introduction into the world of digitalSTROM in our video:

Watch the video

The benefits of digitalSTROM compared to other Smart Home systems:

The most important settings are preconfigured and devices interact automatically.

Individual changes or extensions can be made at any time in the configurator.

An expensive system integrator – as is sometimes required with other Smart Home systems – is not needed with digitalSTROM.

Even devices integrated at a later point are automatically part of the Smart Home system and the whole interaction.

Would you like to discover more benefits of digitalSTROM?
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Use your Smart Home system
in the way that’s most convenient for you

Practicality comes first with digitalSTROM. That's why we offer you a variety of ways to operate your Smart Home. By light switch, voice control or smartphone/app: The digitalSTROM system gives you individual control according to your needs.

Read our whitepaper (only in German) „Neue Interaktionskonzepte schaffen Bequemlichkeit“.

Simply familiar

Simply use something familiar and proven for controlling your Smart Home: Your light switch. Whether you’re tall or short, young or old – they’re enough intuitive for anyone to use. That is why light switches are also a central operating element in a digitalSTROM Smart Home, and are supplemented by numerous new functions. 

Just say what you want

Do you want to quickly switch off the light in the children’s room upstairs or switch on the kettle from the sofa? Using the voice control in your Smart Home by digitalSTROM, you can do a whole range of things at once. Just like a butler, your networked home will take care of everything.

Wherever you are

Do you always have your smartphone with you? If so, you can operate your digitalSTROM Smart Home from anywhere in the world. With our apps for smartphones and tablets, you can access all of the digitalSTROM functions wherever you are, just as if you were at home: conveniently, independently and with just a few taps of your finger.

Your home does it for you

If your home knows exactly what should be done when, we call it a Smart Home. Easy mornings, cosy evenings and relaxation even when you’re not at home: Your digitalSTROM Smart Home knows exactly what you need and when, and ensures that you get it easily.

The most appropriate setting for any situation

In a digitalSTROM Smart Home, you can define your own setting for almost any occasion: whether it's a romantic dinner by candlelight or an evening watching TV with the family. From lighting to shading and even music – everything in your home is perfectly controlled.

When your house knows the weather

You no longer have to keep an eye on the sky – nor think about how to respond. When clouds start to gather outside, your digitalSTROM Smart Home will automatically batten down the hatches. Before the storm hits, all the awnings come in and the shutters are lowered with the automatic shutter control system.

“Worry-free feature” (arriving-and-leaving button)

Hurry up: Can’t be late! But wait – did I turn everything off? Or could the oven still be on? These situations are a thing of the past with digitalSTROM. With our ‘worry-free feature’ (an ‘arriving-and-leaving’ feature), you can switch off all the relevant devices in your Smart Home with the push of a button. This not only saves you a lot of worries, but also electricity and therefore money!


Start the day relaxed

When your day starts with digitalSTROM, mornings are more relaxed than you could ever imagine. Just tell your Smart Home what time you want to get up. Your morning routine is automatically started at the desired time: The lights turn on, the coffee machine starts to heat up for your favourite brew, your favourite radio station plays and the bathroom is warm and cosy.

Automated exterior lighting control

A well thought out lighting concept makes a home come alive. digitalSTROM ensures your home is well lit on the outside – from sunrise to sunset. There is nothing you need to do, in summer or winter every lamp and light is only switched on when you really need it.

Everything is easily configurable

Easily configure your Smart Home by digitalSTROM yourself with the Smart Home configurator. You don’t need an expensive system integrator, because you can configure all the options, applications and settings yourself. Customise your Smart Home to your individual needs in terms of comfort, safety and energy conservation: easily and conveniently in your web browser.

Any questions? Our experts will be happy to help!

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Internationally successful and award-winning

digitalSTROM’s attractiveness is also reflected in the fact that we have become increasingly successful on the international market in recent years. In mega-cities such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur, our Smart Home system is continually growing in popularity. More and more large buildings and even entire apartment complexes are being equipped with digitalSTROM.

Further proof of the high quality and innovative nature of digitalSTROM can be seen in the numerous national and international awards it has won. As well as confirming our success, they also incentivise us to constantly develop and improve our Smart Home system and make it even more attractive.

Once again the most popular app in the Smart Home category of the Focus Money practical test

2017 & 2018

Readers' choice for the trade magazine elektrobörse smarthouse in the category ‘Building Automation’

2016 & 2017

‘Best of 2017’ in the ‘Consumer Electronic’ category at the Innovation Award IT at CeBIT 2017


Juniper Research's ‘Future Digital Award’ for Best Consumer Product in the Smart Home Category


Total Telecom's ‘Internet of Things Award’ in the ‘Smart Home Initiative’ category


‘Quality Award’ from for the dS components


Gartner Inc. adds digitalSTROM to its Cool Vendors List


‘Best of 2015’ in the ‘Hardware’ category at the Innovation Award IT at CeBIT


Discover exciting digitalSTROM news

‘Recommended by customers’ – digitalSTROM was awarded HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by FOCUS MONEY for the first time in 2018. 

FOCUS MONEY, 27/2018 issue 

‘The digitalSTROM system is very simple and self-explanatory, so we rarely have to give detailed explanations.’

RZ Trends Interior Design, 1/2018 issue

‘A must-have for technology fans: The app by digitalSTROM is the industry leader in Smart Home apps to control electricity, heating and more.’

dS Home Control by digitalSTROM was selected by FOCUS MONEY
 as the best app in the ‘Smart Home’ category in 2017 and 2018.

‘The company offers attractive and smart solutions in almost all areas of living, making your life easier.’, 29/11/2017

‘The house that thinks with you: digitalSTROM has developed such an impressive system.’

Handelsblatt, 16/3/2016

‘As an innovative system provider, digitalSTROM is systematically pushing ahead with networking in system planning and design in order to make the entry into Smart Home technology as attractive and easy as possible for planners and electricians.’

Gebäudedigital, 02/2016 issue

For new and existing buildings.
Reliable and future-proof infrastructure.
Modular design. Can be expanded at any time.