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Let there be light

A digitalSTROM Smart Homes can positively impact your health and wellbeing through lighting. Have your individual requirements for lighting design meet to your complete satisfaction with the ultra-flexible, multiple- award-winning Smart Home Systems . A wide variety of stunning options ensures that your lighting is always amazing, and lets you experience light in a whole new way.

Brand new perspectives

Shutter, awning and blind control systems have an important role to play in a digitalSTROM Smart Home : they respond intelligently to light, weather and temperature conditions at a specific time of day (e.g. when getting up in the morning or going to sleep), or open and close automatically when you’re away on holiday. In the event of a break-in or fire alarm, shutter or blind control systems may even save lives or help to send burglars packing.

Simply safe

You and your home are safely protected 24 hours a day with digitalSTROM.
Numerous security applications and different devices intelligently working together ensure that you always feel safe. For example, in the event of a break-in, burglars can be put to flight; lives can be saved during housefires. A digitalSTROM Smart Home provides security you can rely on.

Keep feeling great

One person likes the bath to be nice and warm in the morning, another needs it a bit cooler to wake up. That’s no problem at all, as your digitalSTROM Smart Home automatically sets itself to every resident’s liking. You can create the most comfortable indoor climate in any room, at any time of day, and for every resident with the automated heating control system.

Convenient and secure

With digitalSTROM, the benefits and the Smart Home experience  have already begun at the front door. More safety and convenience is our focus here. Various attractive applications become available to you as a result of different devices working together; these add to the classic features in your home’s entryway to a significant degree. In a digitalSTROM Smart Home, you always have an eye on your front door and never miss a visitor.

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